From organising 250 people at a dinner dance to 200,000 people at the Bradford Mela we have extensive experience in artistic programming and event management.

Artistic Programming

If you are an event organiser or a venue owner and are looking to book an artist who has a South Asian art form as their skill, we can help you. Whether it is one henna painter or a troupe of Bhangra dancers, a four hour long Kathakali performance or a ten minute Bollywood dance, we have the capacity to find the artist for your needs.

Please contact us for a consultation.

Running large-scale events

Oriental Arts has worked collaboratively on the Bradford Mela since it began in 1988 and has helped the event grow from 10,000 visitors to over 200,000. For the past 35 years we have been running our own events, which have been resounding successes for the communities of West Yorkshire and beyond.

If you are running an event, large or small, we can offer professional advice on all aspects of event management. Please contact us for a consultation.